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[October 2020]

*PLEASE NOTE – The below Terms, Conditions and Clauses below will be applied to ALL transactions.*

The quotation is only considered accepted once signed/confirmed and an 80% deposit is paid or order number is supplied. The balance is payable on collection of goods, unless otherwise negotiated in writing or credit terms in place. The processing of any order shall only commence once payment is reflected in Pine Timber Board Express CC’s bank account. 


Products ordered are subject to availability. 


It is the customer’s responsibility to verify the correctness of all information on the quotation before Pine Timbers Board Express CC places an order with its supplier or manufacturers. 


A reasonable period must be allowed for cutting, machining or processing of the goods to size from date of order. Any day or time specified by any representative of Pine Timber Board Express CC shall be regarded as an estimation only. An estimated time of delivery shall be communicated to the client if requested .It must be noted that these are estimated dates and times and Pine Timber Board Express cannot be held liable , in any way whatsoever to such deviations from the estimated dates and times provided. Furthermore , Pine Timber Board Express CC shall not be held liable, in any way whatsoever, for any delays as a result of factors beyond its control, including but not limited to sudden breakdown of machinery, loadshedding, traffic congestion, supplier product delays , demand increases etc. 


Any cutting/machining/processing, as directed by the customer, will deem the goods to have been accepted by the customer and such goods shall be deemed as special order goods in terms of the Consumer Protection Act. Furthermore any goods which undergo any machining or manufacturing process at Pine Timber Board Express shall also be deemed as special order goods in terms of the Consumer Protection Act. 




A handling fee of 10% of the full purchase price shall be levied on all correctly issued, non-defective goods should the customer express a willingness to return goods. All orders cancelled for any reason whatsoever will also automatically attract a 10% handling fee of the full purchase price . Such return or cancellations mayonly be considered at the sole discretion of Pine Timber Board Express CC and no further claims shall be entertained in this regard. No Claims will be considered , No refunds will be issued , No cancellations will be considered of orders for special order goods as defined above. 


Kindly note that a cash deposit fee, as per the banks policy, will be levied on all cash deposited directly into the bank account of Pine Timber Board Express. 


The customer must, within 2 days of receiving notification from Pine Timber Board Express CC that the goods are ready for collection or delivery , settle any outstanding balance due and payable to Pine Timber Board Express CC .Only once the outstanding balance paid reflects in the Bank Account of Pine Timber Board Express CC will the customer be allowed to collect such goods or in the case of a delivery order , will the order be scheduled for an estimated delivery  date. 


Should the customer fail to collect the goods or refuse to accept delivery of goods as mentioned above and such goods remain in the possession of Pine Timber Board Express CC for a longer period, a reasonable storage fee of R250 a day shall be levied and such goods remain at the risk of the customer. Goods shall only be released once the reasonable storage fee has been paid in full, unless otherwise negotiated in writing between the parties and signed by duly authorised representatives. 


Pine Timber Board Express CC shall not be held liable for any damages whatsoever that may be suffered by the customer as a result of delays or negligence . 


Cutting Disclaimer  

With regards to Special Order Goods ( Manufactured goods or Cut Goods), Customers are obliged to allow for a finished goods panel / piece size variation of 4mm from what was requested .This is the acceptable tolerance level per company policy . This is also a tolerance level which is in line with industry norms. 

Please note , The onus is on the client to expressly indicate in writing if the sizes to cut are the finished goods size (ie. The Panel size after edging is applied to the panel).Kindly note the tolerance level is applied to the Finished Goods size. This is due  to the fact that ,as per engineer specifications  , specific size accuracies may not be obtained in the industry due to blade thinning due to sharpening and mechanical movements of parts throughout the production processes . 

Please note that no guarantees can be given on exact colour matches as per samples nor can guarantees be given on grain directions  or grain matching on cut products . 

Kindly note we strongly recommend that only qualified individuals /artisans/carpenters should be involved in the erection or use of cut to size products and all hardware items such as hinges and runners must be used by the consumers selected artisan to cater for any size variances that arise. Pine Timber Board Express CC will not be held liable in any way whatsoever for any such variances  which arise. 

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