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Decking is a beautiful and practical addition to any home and outdoor space. Deciding to build a deck will greatly enhance the look and feel of your space.

Here we are giving you 5 reasons WHY to build a deck this summer!

A Deck Makes For A GREAT Party!

Suppose you are the hostess with the mostest. In that case, a deck is a perfect way to add functional space where people can all come together but yet still have the room to breathe freely when you are at a social gathering out on the deck, it all just feels much less claustrophobic, than say, in the kitchen or lounge which can tend to get a bit crowded. (especially now that SOCIAL DISTANCING is a real thing!)

When it comes to cleaning up, spills are easier to clean, and other potential damage is less costly to repair. How about raising the bar, think about actually adding a portable bar (see what I did there!?) or a built-in-braai and turn a simple deck into a real outdoor entertaining space.

A Deck Could Help You Be One With Nature

Just like glamping has done for camping, Decking gives a whole new perspective to being comfy in the outdoors (of your own home of course)….aaaah, the wood under your bare feet, now you can have a comfortable AND stylish outdoor lounge, where you can sit and listen to the tweeting of birds or the rustle of the wind through the trees, a far cry from the simple porches of the past, modern decking offers a winning combination of a versatile and comfortable way to enjoy your own little slice of nature – even in the city.

A Deck Can Increase Your Living Space

One Word – FUNCTIONALITY. Increase your outdoor space without the cost of a large home addition.

Installing a Pine Timber deck is easier than EVER with our readily available materials. Almost any homeowner can now elevate an ordinary cement or tiled porch to an exquisite, trendy living space by adding deck-styled flooring.

Decks are a perfect place to attract birdlife, have potted plants and other decorative features that you may not have the space for inside your home and hence you are unintentionally also creating more room.

Decking Offers a Brand New Look (Without hurting the bank balance)

Express YOURSELF and get into the thick of your interior designer inner self, There are a variety of construction choices, Whether you choose to build with a low-maintenance composite material or a natural wood, there many styles of decking. If you were to compare to other home renovations, the cost of building decking can be inexpensive. As a homeowner looking to add beauty and value to your home without a large budget, a decked area is absolutely the way to go.

Decking Enhances The Value Of Your Home

Experts have agreed that a deck offers a 100% return in investment. You will get back every cent you spend building a deck when you sell your home, and BONUS the appeal of a beautiful outside deck will help you sell your home faster. (you can pat yourself on the back!) If you follow home trends, you will already know that Decks are the hottest trend in the buying market at the moment, especially because we have such an outdoor lifestyle here in SA.

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